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New product: Gekko FX26 folding recumbent trike, HP Velotechnik

St Charles, IL: HP Velotechnik introduced a new high-performance folding trike into a booming trike market.

The Gekko FX-26 has the foldability of the proven Gekko travel-trike, but now gets the better-efficiency, comfort, and handling performance of a 26" drive-wheel.

The Gekko FX-26 is priced at a competitive $2290 for the 2015 model year. This includes a 24-speed drivetrain and disc brakes.

Also available with a 250W German-produced Neodrive electric assist through AlphaBENT.

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New Products: ICE introduces full and rear suspension w. 26" drive wheel

St. Charles, IL: At Recumbent CycleCon 2014, Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) introduced its new 26" drivewheel suspension.

The Sprint 26-RS brings the efficiency of a 26" drive wheel to rear suspension comfort, reducing the comfort vs. speed tradeoff.

This new rear-fork system will be the underlying technology of two new ICE models: the Sprint 26-RS and the full-suspension Sprint 26-FS.

More later... Here are some pictures for now.

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Izzy and her Catrike Villager roll against Friedrich's Ataxia

Izzy is 13 years old. Next week, she will be getting her brand-new lava-red Catrike Villager.

With it, she will: go to school, have fun and adventures, ride with her brother, and help conquer Friedrich's ataxia.

She's young, but her resume is long. Check the links.

Here's her trike, fresh from the oven like a tray of cookies.

On May 31, 2014, join Izzy and others for the FARA Norcal Ride.

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Naked Chico

Bike parking in front of Naked Lounge coffeehouse was removed to make room for a car to park.Naked Chico

The bikes are back!

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Making CA streets more trike friendly

Caltrans Endorses the NACTO Urban Street Design Guide by Melanie Curry It wasn’t a total surprise, but exciting nevertheless for bicycle advocates gathered at the NACTO “Cities for Cycling” Road Show in Oakland last night. Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty announced that the agency will endorse the use of the National Association of City Transportation Officials Urban Street Design Guide, giving California cities the state DOT’s blessing to install modern infrastructure like protected bike lanes. ... [more]
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Gearing Calculator

Handy gearing calculator makes optimal gearing easy.

This calculator tells gear-inches calculations for:

  • conventional derailleur-based systems
  • SRAM 3x7 and Dual-Drive systems
  • Rohloff Speedhub
  • Schlumpf Speed-Drive, Mountain-Drive, and Highspeed-Drive
  • Shimano Nexus
  • Sturmey-Archer

and combinations thereof -- as well as normalizing the numbers relative to cranklength.

Click here to check it out.

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Rivendell Rohloff (now, for something completely different)

It's quite an honor when someone is so happy with they work you did on their recumbent trike, that they want you to do a really special thing on a different cycle they own.

Recently, a gentleman with a Rivendell touring bike came to me for a Rohloff customization request. The challenge is to put some kind of do-hickey on the bike that will accept a conventional Rohloff torque arm system without actually requiring the hassle of using a torque arm (they make tire fixing more of a challenge than it needs to be.)

In this case, I fashioned a small piece of aluminum into a Rohloff OEM2 bolt holder and the rest went smoothly from there. We used the external gearbox to keep the entire system enclosed and prevent any sort of regular maintenance replacing frayed inner shift cables.

Here's how to do it...

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New Arkel TailRider video

Arkel released a new video highlighting the versatile TailRider trunk bag. Check it out...

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Catrike Folding Trail

New Catrike Folding Trike hits the Trail

The new Catrike model (Trail) announced last year at Interbike is finally in production.

After a seemingly endless wait, dealers will have Trails in stock across the country within a week.

"We're expecting the new addition to our family next Wednesday.", said Hugh Kern of AlphaBENT, California's biggest Catrike dealer in Sacramento. "It's pretty exciting to have this kind of portability in a Catrike."

The Folding Trail has features recumbent trike riders have been demanding, particularly:

  • Self-contained seat: Unlike other folding trikes that require removal of the seat, the seat stays on the trike and folds with it.
  • Self-locking package: With more than one cue taken from the tight-packing Brompton bicycle, the new Folding Trail locks together when folded.
  • Self-standing and rolling luggage: When folded, the Trail stands upright and can be rolled around like a piece of luggage. This makes the Trail's modest weight manageable by anyone regardless of their strength.
  • New seat design: In a look at what might be in the future for all Catrike models, the new Folding Trail sports a comfy-looking set of side-supporting pads for added rider comfort.
  • Same Catrike durability, handling, and efficiency: These hallmark features of all Catrikes stays the same on the Trail.

The new Folding Trail is available in a variety of colors at no extra charge and comes with a complete set of Catrike-signature accessories such as computer sensor mount, sensible flag mount, integrated headlight mount, hand-rests, mirror on mirror stalk, and clipless pedals -- not to mention top-of-the-line components such as a 30-speed SRAM drivetrain, Kevlar-belted tires, and Avid BB7 disc brakes at a competitive price.

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2014 Friedrich's Ataxia Research Alliance Ride to Cure FA | NorCal

Once again, we had the opportunity to turn out in support of Kyle Bryant and his band of amazing people.

350 riders rode whichever ride worked best for them: 60, 40, 10, 5, or 1 to raise funds for research to cure FA.

An incredible $110,000 was raised as well as the hopes of all.

It was an honor and a privilege to see: Team Sean, Team Lindsay, Team Meghan, Team Izzy, and more. Of course, we all fall under the umbrella of Team Kyle.

Thank you Felicia, Mr. Music Guy, Mazeres family, Outback Steakhouse, and the innumerable others who made this event into a reality.

Links to show your support:, and

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Catrike Day 2014

Although Catrike Day was officially proclaimed by Orlando City a year ago, let's set aside April 30 every year as Official Catrike Day.

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A real manufacturer of real products. TerraCycle has a mission of providing the finest upgrades available for recumbent cycles.

TerraCycle is wizard at machining. Their claim to fame is making the best idler pulleys out there. (So nice, in fact, that the Sport edition became standard OEM on all Catrike products.)

Expanding on this base, TerraCycle is the leader in fairings, specialty packs, and more funny little parts you never thought about before.

AlphaBENT keeps TerraCycle products on hand for all of the trikes in the shop.

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