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17 September 2015 - 7:27am

Catrike introduces full-suspension folding trike with 26" drivewheel


Catrike has introduced a new trike to compete head-to-head with the ICE and HP Velotechnik full-suspension folding trikes.

This trike, dubbed "Dumont", is full-suspension with Catrike-style. It melds the

  • rear suspension design of the Road,
  • seat-height of the Expedition,
  • back-adjustable seat-style of the Trail, and
  • folding system of the 559

all into one trike with Catrike's unmistakeable design -- meaning it has direct steering, USA-made aluminum frame, the rigidity of the peace boom, high-end SRAM components, and a raft of accessories that might otherwise cost more.

New to the Dumont, though, is a nifty little anti-dive front suspension spindle to take the edge off the road. "Anti-dive" refers to properties of a suspension when it does something other than compress when braking. Antidive front suspension are used in many BMW motorcycles. The system used on the Catrike spindles is similar to the front suspension of a Birdy folding bike and is a time-tested solid concept.

The actual travel of the front suspension is less than an inch.

The Dumont sports two idler pulleys, including a fancy new big one fresh off the Terracycle machines, to route the chain from front to back.

The hinge is fastened with a quick-release and angled at 45-degrees as pioneered by ICE on its compact flat-twist Sprint and Adventure trikes.

Folding the Dumont occurs downward similarly to Catrike's 559, Trail, and HP Velotechnik's Gekko FX-20 and Gekko FX-26 trikes. Once folded, the Dumont, like the 559, stands up straight and can be rolled about on two trundle-wheels.

The rear swing-arm, though similar in appearance to the swing-arm of the Catrike Road, has been re-designed to handle the higher twisting forces that accompany the large drive-wheel. The rear shock is a sophisticated gas shock with adjustable spring and compression / rebound characteristics.

The unit shown at Interbike appeared quite almost ready for prime-time, so Catrike's estimates of a possible March 2016 timeline for production seem plausible.

Pricing is still indeterminate but likely to be higher than the 559.


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