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22 September 2016 - 11:01pm

ICE improves 2017 Adventure recumbent trikes


ICE unveiled new improvements to the ICE Adventure at the 2016 Interbike trade-show. The improvements will work their way into the shipped ICE products over the rest of 2016 and become standard by 2017.

Particularly, the new Adventure seat features a longer seat. ICE purposefully made the seat short-ish to prevent chafing and rider discomfort, but many customers felt it need to give more support. The new ICE Adventure seat is 2 inches (2") longer and this will help with riders feeling more comfortable and securely placed on the trikes.

The new Adventure recumbent trikes have a lighter blue color scheme and fancy new graphics baked onto the frames. Unlike the older sticker technology, the new ICE decals are integrated into the powdercoating of the frames for better durability.

ICE has also improved the ergonomics of their suspension elastomers. The new elastomers feature a color scheme that allows quick and easy color-coding for softness. In the new color scheme, white is the softest elastomer for the lightest riders, black is heavy-duty for the heaviest riders, and standard elastomers are grey for most use. Previously, owners had to remember the coding of yellow, red, and green. The new progressive white-to-black color scheme will be quick and easy to remember.

Accessories from ICE are improved with new racks available for 20" and 20" suspension models.

The Adventure now has an optional seat riser for people who need an even higher seat.

Improvements will be progressively introduced through the end of 2016 and fully incorporated into the ICE Adventure lineup for 2017.


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The shop is open for business.

Catrike has discontinued the venerable Road recumbent trike model.

This event has taken place and the notice is simply part of our articles archive

Face-time with ICE. Ask all of your questions. Find out what happens behind the scenes. And, try trikes, trikes, trikes... including the fully automatic ICE Adventure electric trikes.

An inexpensive hitch-mount rack for folded recumbent trikes. For example, the ICE Full Fat big-tired adventure tricycle.

Azub trikes are adventure ready

Azub will be at AlphaBENT on Wednesday, October 23 to show the latest Czech recumbent technology. Come to for test-rides, and bent-talk.

Catrike has made wider hubs with through-axles standard equipment on all large-wheel models. This change affects the following recumbent trike models: Expedition, 559, Dumont, and 700. The change promotes laterally stronger wheels and prevents movement within the dropouts under load at the expense of compatibility with equipment such as electric hub moters that are designed to the older 135mm dropout widths.

Catrike Eola lead banner image

Catrike announces the Eola, a new recumbent trike model for 2019.


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