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29 September 2015 - 10:46am

ICE shows Fat, racks, apparel, and support for electric-assist at RCC


ICE owners Chris Parker and Neil Selwood both came in person to the Recumbent CycleCon show in Cincinnati (Sep 25-27, 2015). They brought one of their surprisingly popular Full Fat all-terrain trikes and a representative lineup of ICE models:

ICE has spent its R&D time working on the "niggly" things -- fixing things that could be better. They also make their first foray into apparel developing a much-needed jersey for recumbent riding.

New cycling jersey for recumbent trike riders

In the words of Chris Parker, they have obsessively over-designed and engineered a cycling jersey for recumbent trikers.

  • high-tech fabric stays dry
  • windproof front material
  • maximum ventilation on the back
  • soft non-chafing material on the inside of the collar
  • light-reflective accents on the sleeve sides
  • front gather to keep it from scooping air
  • zippered pockets to keep change and sundries

Manufactured in Spain and Poland. Expected price will be near $90.

Rear carrier / rack redesign includes optional top-mounting capability for 26" wheels and battery attachment point

ICE rear racks have been re-designed to NOT attach to the back of the seat. The new racks have a nice pannier hook point at the bottom and attach to the trike at the suspension pivot.

A solid battery mounting point is integrated into rack for electrified ICE trikes.

A new optional racktop structure will be available for 20" wheel-sizes and an ultra high structure for 26" wheels. The racktop structure is intended for lighter-weight top-mounting packs rather than heavy stuff.

Structurally, the sides of the rack are independent of the top, so full-weight panniers are supported without the top-structure.

Pedelec electric-assist convertability

With an eye toward the future of pedelec recumbent trikes, ICE has incorporated a battery mounting point at the bottom leg of the rack.

The attachment point is perfectly designed for ICE trikes in order to allow the chain through without interference and so the battery will not interfere with the folding of the trike.

This year (2015), ICE offered its first pedal-assist models equipped with the well-engineered 250W Neodrive electric-assist system from Germany. However, due to international battery shipping restrictions, the only dealer in the U.S. who actually sold Neodrive-equipped ICE trikes in 2014 and 2015 was AlphaBENT.

Until ICE works out a supply-chain to other dealers in the United States, this will remain the state of things.

Redesigned suspension pivot

An integral part of ICE suspension trikes is a pivot pin or axle.

When it was originally designed it was seen as a rather mundane item and not thought about much. However, as time as progressed, it has become apparent that the pivot pin is an ideal solid spot at which to mount other load-bearing structural members.

This idea was pioneered by HP Velotechnik years ago. Unfortunately, HP Velotechnik designed their original systems such that the pivot had to be disconnected in order to attach things like racks. This made installation and removal of racks a dealer-only proposal. [Newer HP Velotechnik designs have an innovation that circumvents this issue.]

ICE has redesigned the suspension pivot to have a thicker, compression-bearing sidewall and it incorporates a 45-degree chamfered edge at the ends. The chamfered edge allows racks and battery-mounts stay in place with compressional friction. This is the same principle pioneered on certain Mavic bottom-brackets long ago and then integrated as a fundamental design of most Schlumpf-drive installations.


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