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10 November 2014 - 9:48am

Rohloff lacing for ICE


Left-dished wheel with non-dished Rohlloff Speedhub!

In the recumbent world, we get to rewrite the rules. ICE and Greenspeed have designed trike frames with offset rear forks/ triangles to accept non-dished, left-offset wheels. This allows use of symmetrical lacing patterns with offset hubs, resulting in stronger wheels to withstand tricycles' higher sideways forces.

However, as a recumbent trike customization specialist, it introduces a quirky problem: the super high-end Rohloff Speedhub must now be dished the wrong way in order to line up properly. Dishing the wrong way strikes us as WRONG.

AlphaBENT has been experimenting with wheel lacing techniques to resolve this problem and this answer presents itself:

a Rohloff wheel laced with all spokes left-wise to offset the rim to the left for proper presentation to the ICE rear fork while retaining the benefits of symmetrical lacing...

And, it looks totally cool! You don't see a wheel like this every day.


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