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Priceless photo

Words do not do this picture justice.

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Hase Kett-Wiesel on road near Culver, OR

Matt sends in this nice photo of Carol hammering down the road on her Kett-Wiesel... Nice shot!

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View from the Milwaukee Road

Almost dead center is our house - way across the valley. The RR here was electrified to help get the loads over the Rockies - That is the Continental Divide on the horizon. The Aspens are turning. It's Fall here!

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May is Bike Month in Sacramento

For those of you who don't know, it's that time of the year again. May is Bike Month, go check out the website and register if you have not already!

This is my first year registered and I have pledged to ride at least 100 miles in May. I will commute to work 1-3 times a week, a 16.3 mile ride between here and Davis. I will only do the morning commute, and take the train back. The afternoon heat is no competition for air-conditioned train cars :)

Keep an eye on the calendar for events and chances to win prizes.

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