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PBW Pair with locking parking button (V / linear / long-pull leverage) brake levers

These locking parking brake levers are built with a spring-loaded button. When the brake lever is pulled, the button can be pressed in and it jams the lever in the engaged position -- thereby serving as an effective parking brake.

Squeeze the lever and the spring-loaded button pops out releasing the parking feature.

These levers are ideal for recumbent trikes, materials carts, and any other device that needs to stay parked.

These levers are made with long-pull v-leverage compatible with many mountain bikes and such braking systems as the Avid BB7 and BB5 brakes.

We put these on every Catrike recumbent trike we sell and everyone loves them! No one wants to look up and see their trike rolling away, and velcro straps can get quite tedious.

The quality is good and consistent. Weight moderate.

Product features:

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Hugh and the staff at AlphaBENT / PBW know human-powered cycles from the inside out and have the experience that can only come from many years of hands-on mastery helping people across the globe ac

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