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May is Bike Month in Sacramento

For those of you who don't know, it's that time of the year again. May is Bike Month, go check out the website and register if you have not already!

This is my first year registered and I have pledged to ride at least 100 miles in May. I will commute to work 1-3 times a week, a 16.3 mile ride between here and Davis. I will only do the morning commute, and take the train back. The afternoon heat is no competition for air-conditioned train cars :)

Keep an eye on the calendar for events and chances to win prizes.

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I just voted for AlphaBent in the "Best Bicycle Shop" Category on KCRA's A-list. April 27th is last day to vote.

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Helping along the road to recovery

Thanks for all your patience. I only wish every company I dealt with was like yours.

I certainly am hoping that I have seen the last of the inside of a hospital for a good long while. Here's to my trike helping me on the road to recovery 


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Getting the job done right

It was a good trike when I brought it to you, but now it is amazing.

The professional manner in which you treated me and the skill level shown on working on the trike was exemplary. I came to ask about upgrading the trike and I left with it all done.

The trike is truly better. Smoother shifting and faster riding with less effort.

Thank You, SDH

Your work is highly recommended!

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Exercise, Disability

Learning and choosing versus being sold

Thank YOU - for helping me learn & choose rather than SELLING me a trike.

 See you next Thurs. P[HP Velotechnik, Pedelec]
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Easy choice

I researched this for years before buying the ICE Sprint. In the end, it was an easy choice. --DW

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Got the right trike

Hugh: Thank you very much for helping me get onto the right trike for me. I am quite pleased with the upgraded version of my Terratrike and I have been able to already make 3 different runs in excess of 10 miles each round trip. I thank you and your partner for all the help, advice, and patience in me getting me "on the road." TR More information...



What is life for if not adventure? With your recumbent trike, you can live the dream? Explore your neighborhood. Ride to the next county... or join the ranks of Mega-adventurers such as:

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