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Recumbent trike racks 1/2 off

[Disclaimer: This item was posted on April Fools Day, 2017. It is not to be taken seriously, though, perhaps, half-seriously. The rack and the trike are real and not Photoshopped. The trike is a Terratrike (perhaps an older Tour) and the rack is based on HP Velotechnik design.]

Today only, AlphaBENT is selling recumbent trike racks that are half off.

These racks are for trike owners who know that "less is more".

They are specially designed for non-touring trike-riders who have half a mind to take something with them, but aren't quite sure. The novel design leaves one side available for mounting dynamos and other accessories.

Manufacturers benefit from the 1/2-off concept by only having to design half of the rack and production is half as fast.

The first partial prototypes are in and AlphaBENT is selling them to test the market.

The new concept ushers in an era of fractional sales of fractional goods in the Fractional Economy.

Adherents of the Fractional Economy Concept say the economy gets a strong stimulation because recumbent trike buyers can purchase their trikes as they can afford to.

"I can see a day coming when people will buy 60% of a trike one month and then buy 15% more when their next paycheck comes in.", said AlphaBENT owner, Hugh Kern, "I'm only partially sure that this is going to take off. A lot of people have been telling me that this is a half-a__ed idea, but, I decided to just run with it."

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Light mount for recumbent trike boom with no derailleur post (HP Velotechnik)

On trikes with no derailleur post we are often challenged when mounting a front headlight.

A simple bracket mounted on the boom has limited light visibility (light to the right is blocked by the chainrings) and suffers from "foot flash" -- as your foot passes in front of the light, the light reflects back at you with a temporary flash. This limits your night vision and is downright irritating.

We have resolved these problems with a two-part light mount that extends forward far enough to avoid foot-flash issues.

The light-mount is made with sturdy aluminum and is well-triangulated for strength.

The pictures show this light-mount on an HP Velotechnik Scorpion with no derailleur post.

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Solidly made in Canada! Arkel is a manufacturer of innovative commuting and touring packs in Quebec, Canada.

AlphaBENT carries a wide selection of Arkel packs in stock in our shop in Sacramento ranging from handlebar bags to recumbent expedition packs to Kargo urban commuting panniers.

As a real manufacturer, Arkel is able to provide top quality products and adjust production to meet demand -- no ordering containers full of stuff a half-year in advance and sailing them around the world from low-wage borders to high-wage warehouses. Packs ordered from Arkel get made in-house. People in Quebec have jobs and take full responsibility for what they produce... the way it should be.

And you get durable, solid pack that will get you around the world or across town with your groceries.

Signatures of the Arkel packs are:

  • adjustable locking hook systems for panniers
  • durable materials with water repellency considered in the design
  • lasting aluminum structural members such as clamps and frames
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